SAP IRPA : Purchase Requisitions creation using tcode me51n – Part 1

Use Case

Purchase Requisitions creation using tcode me51n

In the SAP GUI, me51n transaction code is used for creating Purchase Requisitions (PR). Creating a PR manually is a tedious and monotonous task hence using iRPA will make the user free from this time taking and repetitive process.

I have broken the Use Case into 2 parts.

Part 1: – Exploring the iRPA Desktop studio features and leveraging the GUI Connector support which makes the connection with SAP GUI seamless. Creating a PR from a pre-defined entry.

Part 2: – Collecting user input in an excel and on creation of PR displaying them in an excel.


Overview of Workflow




Steps Done –

  1. The BOT launches the SAP GUI application and selects the desired system.

  1. The credentials are entered automatically in EC1 system.

3. Me51n transaction is entered

4. Values are entered in the respective desired field and the document is checked

  1. Document- PR is created successfully.



This blog post shows the creation of PR in SAP GUI leveraging the desktop studio features and in the next part the integration with excel and creation of PR from the user entries will be shown.


Peter Engel  : Thanks for all your help.


Dipankar M

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