SAP Tax Service – Get to Know the New Cloud Foundry Version

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You can now use the redesigned version of the tax service in the Cloud Foundry environment.

This new version of the service enables you to do the following:

  • Use sample tax content to determine and calculate indirect taxes in Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • Use specific tax classifications for products when determining and calculating taxes.
  • Integrate partner tax solutions to determine and calculate taxes. This applies to combinations of selected SAP products and the respective countries/regions that the partner supports and with which the service is integrated.

Nice! Can I see how this works?

If you have an enterprise global account on SAP Cloud Platform, you can test the service and check the results that each of the following APIs return:

  • Tax Determination and Calculation API

You use this API to determine and calculate indirect taxes for business transactions. The service supports you in complying with guidelines issued by the local authorities in selected countries/regions by providing sample tax calculation content.

See: Calling the Tax Determination and Calculation API in a REST Service Client

  • Configuration API

You use this API to influence the tax determination process by creating and managing the master data of products and their tax classification.

See: Calling the Configuration API in a REST Service Client

Cool, how can I get to know more about the tax service?

If you are new to the tax service, have a look at What is SAP Localization Hub, Tax Service.

If you want in-depth technical information, check SAP Localization Hub, tax Service in SAP API Business Hub.

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