Release Highlights for SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer with Q2 2020 QRC Release!

SAP Analytics Cloud, analytics designer extends standard SAP Analytics Cloud’s capability and integrates with other applications including both SAP applications and third-party applications. With the Q2 2020 QRC release, we are happy to announce the following exciting new features:

Mobile Support:

Analytics applications can be run directly in safari browser on an iPad in embeded use cases. To ensure that your application is responsive on mobile devices, we recommend that you use a dynamic layout when create your applications. Alternatively, you can design the size of applications specifically for the iPad. The gestures for switching to different tabs and for interacting with charts are supported. As the pre-requisite for the mobile consumption of analytic application, you need to set the application properties to mobile enabled.

Video: Sales Analysis Dashboard on iPad

Scheduling Analytic Application and Sending Notification:

You can schedule analytic applications and distribute PDFs to SAP Analytics Cloud users or non-SAC users at application runtime or from file repository. There you have the capability to leverage Bookmarks and SAP BW/HANA Prompt values in the scheduling dialog. In addition to these standard scheduling capabilities, analytics designer provides the following features to enable you to cover more advanced scheduling capabilities:

  • You can leverage script variables in scheduling analytic applications.
  • PDF can be generated automatically during the application initialization or based on other events. E.g. you would like to first set all the widgets visible and then export all the widgets to PDF.
  • You can define the PDF settings like page size, including appendix and comments in scheduling dialog
  • Based on the scheduling event, you can use notification API to send notifications. Here scripting capabilities can be leveraged for configuring the notification (once the revenue is lower than 500K, then a notification should be sent). The application consumer can receive the notification via email or notification panel of SAP Analytics Cloud.




Please keep in mind, in order to schedule an analytic application, you need to add a technical widget Export To PDF to your application.

All other pre-requisites applying to analytic applications are the same as stories. For details, please check here


Integration with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: You can now build analytic applications by leveraging analytics designer within SAP Data Warehouse Cloud spaces.   With analytic designer capabilities, you have much more flexibility and advanced features to build interactive enterprise dashboards or analytic applications.



Copying Widgets from story to application across browser pages: With this capability we would like to provide a smooth interoperability between the story and application design times. You are able to copy the widgets from a story to an analytic application, story to story and application to application at design time within the same browser page or across different browser pages. All widgets that are supported by analytics designer can be copied over. Thus, you can enhance stories with analytic application capabilities by copying widgets over and add scripting, events or other capabilities to cover your business scenario.

Except the above highlights, in Q2/2020 QRC release we also provide the following important scripting APIS:

  • Scripting API to move widgets/containers to different containers to cover your flexible layout requirements
  • API for loading bookmark
  • New Scripting APIs for BW and HANA live connections
  • New scripting APIs for BW models in the table widget


For more detailed information about these exciting features, please also refer to Developer Handbook and API Reference Documentation.

Get your hands on analytics designer! I am sure that you will not be disappointed! I will further publish blogs for some capabilities in detail (like scheduling and performance). Stay tuned!

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