Passing multiple values into multiple info-objects dynamically via planning function

​As many of us are using AMDP based custom planning functions, and yet there is circulated a question of dynamically passing multiple values in a class into multiple info-objects.

Now let’s say, we have created an aggregation level with 3 objects and 2 key figures.

  1. Geography
  2. Client
  3. Year
  4. Rate
  5. Volume

There is an AMDP class which uses these fields to valuate some logic.

There are two ways in which we can pass more than 1 value in variables:

  1. Passing multiple values inside 1 info-object:

A. To implement this, first we need to create a BW Variable which should be Input ready and it should represent multiple single values. Example as below:

We can then put this variable in the planning filter and provide multiple/single values before the execution of the planning sequence.


  1. In another case where it is needed to pass multiple values in multiple objects dynamically via a planning function:

A. Create a custom planning function type and go to the parameters tab. Inside the planning function type we need to insert a variable(by right clicking on parameters and insert) there so that before execution you can provide with variable value(s).


Note –

  • The parameter name can be anything. I have used the name ‘SELECTION’ just for understanding purposes.
  • Kindly see that the highlighted selections should be the same as provided above.

This parameter that we created above, will create a structure like the aggregation layer in the parameters tab in your planning function.

In other words, by doing this, a tabular structure will be created inside the parameter of our planning function which will have all the info-objects of the respective aggregation level.

So, if we go to the parameter in planning function, we will find a similar selection where we can put the dynamic selections to pass multiple values into different objects in the AMDP class before the execution of the sequence.



B. So next we can go to the parameters button inside the planning function to edit the selections that you want by passing single/multiple values in each info-object.

We can also pass the multiple inputs variable that was created in step 1 of this post into one of the selections below.

So now when we execute the sequence, the class of the planning sequence will only show data according to the selections.


Suggestions and feedbacks are welcome!

Thanks! 🙂


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