Part 2: How to Create Dynamic Images in SAP Analytics Cloud Story

This is the second blog post on Dynamic Images in SAP Analytics Cloud after the Introduction post. Refer to the Part 1 for uploading images in to SAP HANA.

The image dimension has been modeled in HANA 2.0 in Part 1 , now we can create a Live HANA Model in SAP Analytics Cloud and consume the images in a story.

Create Live HANA Model:

  1. Create a Live HANA Model by navigating to Modeler > Model > Get data from a datasource > Live Data connection.

  • Select Get data from a datasource.
  • Select Live data connection.
  • System Type: SAP HANA.

Once the Model is created, you can see the model as shown below.2. Create a Story and add image widget to the Page by selecting + -> Image.3. In the builder panel, you can choose between Static or Dynamic image. Select Dynamic image.

4. Add the model that contains the image content to the widget and select the image dimension.We can add a static alternative image. If an image is not returned from the database, or where more than one image is returned, in that case it will display the Static alternate image.Below is an example of an dynamic image and dynamic text driven by a page input control. The other sales data in the story charts was brought in via different Models (just for reference purpose) and combined via linked analysis.


Now we have created Dynamic Images from a live HANA data connection in SAP Analytics Cloud.



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