SuperEasy Extension to Fill CPI Simulation Input

The latest innovation in SAP Cloud Platform Integration is simulating flows with data without deployment. It was very well received. I have made some suggestions in my post and in the comments. The big news is SAP has plans to develop APIs for the simulation feature. It can be a distinguishing feature for CPI to be able to test data in the target infrastructure in a systematic way. There can be many test tools leveraging this API in the future.

One of the features I suggested was persisting simulation input. The developers must have a lot of important things in the backlog so you can use this extension now.


  • It automatically persists simulation input (headers, properties, and body) for the window. This saves time if you are using headers and editing the flow between tests.
  • You can extract & copy the simulation data to store and use it later.
  • You can fill input easily with the stored JSON data

For example, you can copy input data and use it in another window. You can copy the payload below:

    "headers": {
        "myAwesomeHeader": "Value1",
        "anotherHeader": "Hello"
    "properties": {
        "myProperty": "Value2"
    "body": "<AddOperation>\n    <FirstNumber>3</FirstNumber>\n    <SecondNumber>4</SecondNumber>\n    <Result></Result>\n</AddOperation>"

This extension adds two buttons to the simulation popup “Extract & Copy” and “Paste & Fill”:

If you have copied the above example just click on “Paste & Fill” and see the magic:


You can install the extension to Chrome using this link:

For the new Microsoft Edge:

If you have any suggestions you can write a comment here or contact me.

See you in the next posts!



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