Linux Part 18: Eclipse for SAP HANA

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This is the part 18 of the Main Linux Agenda to become a SAP Consultant expert enjoying Linux features in our machines or laptops.


Context: for SAP consultants this is an important topic, we agree that SAP HANA is a relevant topic now a days when we would like to improve our development skills in many databases solutions, so i show you how to install Eclipse application in Linux. Even i have included a course where you will achieve knowledge about project management with real scenario simulated with SAP HANA SQLScript and that is going to help you to apply that knowledge in another SAP technologies.

Important: i share the evidence of my results about which version works perfectly with linux, but if you would like to follow the step by step implementation, please refer the great nice tutorial published by SAP:  LINK

SAP HANA configuration via eclipse:

After you install your Java and Eclipse tools, you can configure HANA (remember that this will not be sopported in the future):

Reference to download eclipse: LINK

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Official reference to configure eclipse and HANA: LINK


Thank you for your attention and if you have more information to complement this knowledge, please share it into the commentaries section!!!…

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