Linux Part 23: Another important tools

Hi dears,

This is the part 1 of the Main Linux Agenda to become a SAP Consultant expert enjoying Linux features in our machines or laptops.

Context: for SAP consultants this is an important topic, because i share the new ideas that you can implement in your machine, and even im going to develop the topics to share the knowledge to all of you in the near future.


Another important tools:

a) Google Calendar with Thunderbird: LINK

b) Prepare your signed of your Thunderbird: LINK

d) Diagnostic issues of your hardware with Linux: List of commands to troubleshoot and Verify configurations for your linux

e) USB Boot: create an image to install your linux distributions and

f) Monitor your operating system hardware:

g) Installing snap on Debian:


Thank you for your attention and if you have more information to complement this knowledge, please share it into the commentaries section!!!…

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