FAQ – SAP Marketing Cloud Integration with SAP Qualtrics Surveys

In this blog post, you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions while integrating SAP Qualtrics Surveys with SAP Marketing Cloud.

For your easy reference, we have categorized the questions and answers under the following headings:

  • Queries related to uploading survey data
  • Queries related to segmentation
  • Queries related to iFlow configuration
  • Queries related to API configuration and usage
  • Queries related to third-party survey tool integration
  • Queries related to supported survey question types

Uploading Survey Data

  • Question: Unable to upload Survey Data: I am unable to upload survey data to the survey system.

    Open the Survey_Metadata template file and verify if the first row (row 1) in your Survey_Metadata template starts with an asterisk (*), and also check if all the headers in the Survey_Metadata template are in one single row.

    A snippet from a typical Survey_Metadata template is provided below for reference.

  • Question: Import data app fails on Importing Survey Metadata: I face the following error when I try to manually import survey data into the SAP Marketing Cloud system.Solution: Always ensure that you are using the latest version of the software and the iFlows.


  • Question: Survey Segmentation Issue: I do not see survey data in segmentation. I have interactions only of the survey_response type in my data.

    Solution: Verify if the contact key is getting updated with the existing responses. If the contact key is not getting updated, there will be no data available in segmentation.NOTE: For the survey to appear in the Segmentation Model app, ensure that at least one survey response is available in the system. 

  • Question: Segmentation Attribute: Is it possible to view the Survey Question and Answer texts in the segmentation attribute instead of Survey Question ID and Survey Answer ID format?

    Solution: Yes, you can view Question and Answer texts in SAP Marketing Cloud. In the left-hand pane, choose Question, and on the All Contacts click and select Create Segment > Using an Attribute. Select the value help for Value. For information, see the below screen capture.

iFlow Configuration

  • Question: iFlow Error: I am integrating SAP Marketing Cloud and Qualtrics surveys. When I create a new survey in the Qualtrics system, the subscription to the survey throws an error. The Create Survey Data in SAP Marketing Cloud iFlow version is 1.1.3, and this is unmodified from the standard version. The error in the CPI log is:
    Message processing failed.
    Processing Time: 214 ms
    Error Detailscom.sap.it.rt.adapter.http.api.exception.HttpResponseException: An internal server error occurred: java.lang.Exception: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 1; Content is not allowed in prolog.@ line 179 in BatchPayloadBuilder.groovy
    The MPL ID for the failed message is: AF45m_iGM61K-EMYzBdQVTeYKUlM For more details please check tail log

    Solution: The input payload may have been changed at the Qualtrics end. This warrants that the iFlow code to be adjusted accordingly. Always, ensure that you use the latest version of the iFlow for integrating SAP Marketing Cloud with SAP Qualtrics Surveys.

    NOTE: If you further have issues, please raise an incident on the CEC-MKT-INT-SI component.

  • Question: Survey responses are not getting transferred to the SAP Marketing Cloud system. I have implemented the standard integration using CPI for Qualtrics to SAP Marketing Cloud. The customers are receiving an e-mail with the survey link. After clicking the link, the survey opens and can be maintained, but after clicking send, the response date is not transferred to SAP Marketing Cloud. I have integrated Qualtrics using CPI with SAP Marketing Cloud. In the message monitor, I get the following error for the “Create Survey Data in SAP Marketing Cloud” iFlow.
    Error Details
    com.sap.it.rt.adapter.http.api.exception.HttpResponseException: An internal server error occured: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: while trying to load from index 1 of an object array with length 1, loaded from local variable 'objects'@ line 44 in URLParamsToHeaders.groovy. The MPL ID for the failed message is: AF4rVdfZkwcuJc5Y0pVoCWvXSiPn For more details please check tail log.

    Solution: Always ensure that you use the latest iFlow available on the SAP Marketing Cloud API hub.

    NOTE: If you further have issues, please raise an incident on the CEC-MKT-INT-SI component.

API Management

  • Question: Why do we need API management?

    Solution: API management acts as a bridge between the Qualtrics system and CPI. The iFlows are deployed in CPI and are accessed by providing authentication. To support a scenario where the Qualtrics system requires publicly-available URL as call back for events like activateSurvey and completedResponse whereas iFlow requires authenticated access, the API management is required.

  • Question. Why do I need to enter the sap-outbound-id key?

    To integrate SAP Qualtrics with SAP Marketing Cloud, you must enter the “sap-outbound-id” key in the “embedded data” section in the survey tool. This “sap-outbound-id” key is used as a unique identifier for responses in SAP Marketing Cloud. This “sap-outbound-id” key helps in uniquely identifying the responded contact in SAP Marketing Cloud and the Campaign ID for which the contact responded. Hence, it is mandatory to add it while creating a survey. Also, ensure that the Outbound ID Consuming App option is checked in the Content Studio app.

Third-party Survey Tool Integration

  • Question: I am integrating a third-party tool to SAP Marketing Cloud using the Third Party Survey Data Integration with SAP Marketing Cloud iFlow and sample payloads. Even though I provide sample payloads in ID and ID_ORIGIN fields for a specific customer, the survey data is not added for this customer. In the Qualtrics documentation, I find that the ‘sap-outbound-id’ is necessary for this scenario. Can you please provide more information?

    Solution: The “sap-outbound-id” key is required to uniquely identify the contacts. It helps to uniquely identify the responded contact in SAP Marketing Cloud and also to the Campaign ID for which the contact has responded. Identifying unique contacts is not possible with ID and ID_ORIGIN alone. For example, multiple contacts can exist with ID_ORIGIN as EMAIL and ID as a respective email. Also, it is not possible to find the campaign that was executed for the survey if the “sap-outbound-id” key is not maintained.

Supported Question Types

  • Question: What are the supported question types in SAP Marketing/SAP Marketing Cloud?

    The following tables list the question types and the question subtypes supported in SAP Marketing Cloud.

    NOTE: Question type ‘MX’ – Matrix along with the question subtype ‘MU’ – Menu isn’t supported.

Survey Question Types:

Question Type Description
RB Radio Button
CB Checkbox
DL Dropdown List
FT Free Text
MX Matrix
OE Open-Ended
DG Demographic
DT Date Time
OT Rank Order

Survey Question Subtypes:

Question Subtype Description
VT Vertical
HZ Horizontal
MU Menu
SL Single
RT Rating
RK Ranking
ML Multiple
NU Numeric
ES Essay
IN International
US United States
BO Both
DO Date Only
TO Time Only
DT Descriptive Text

The following question types in SAP Qualtrics Surveys are supported in SAP Marketing Cloud:

Question Types in SAP Qualtrics Surveys Supported by SAP Marketing Cloud

Qualtrics Question Type – SAP Marketing Cloud SubType – SAP Marketing Cloud
MAVR (Multiple Answers, Vertical) CB VT
MAHR (Multiple Answers, Horizontal) CB HZ
SAVR (Single Answer, Vertical) RB VT
SAHR (Single Answer, Horizontal) RB HZ
DL (Drop Down) DL MU
SB (Select Box) RB VT
MSB (Multiple Select Boxes) CB VT
TE (Text Entry) FT SL/ML/ES
Slider RB RT
RO (Rank Order) RO RK
Matrix MX SL


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