SAP HANA calculation view version rollback

This blog post presents a step-by-step procedure to rollback an existing calculation view to a previous version.

The described procedure may be used to perform a critical rollback in case a newer version makes other calculation views in a productive landscape inactive. As an example, a calculation view is enhanced in Dev system and promoted to productive system, where it causes a dependent calculation view to become inactive for lack of certain fields or a change in data type of an output field. And the calculation view that becomes inactive is critical to daily operations of an enterprise. In such an instance, roll back of the enhanced calculation view to a previous version presents a quick fix while a long-term solution is developed and deployed.

Note: this procedure is not a substitute for regular development, testing a deployment of calculation views in productive environments.

1. Model CA_ROLLBACK_PROCESS has three fields in the output, MANDT, BEGDA, ENDDA.

2. By mistake, two additional fields are added and the model is activated.

3. In Development perspective, History shows 4 versions, #4 – Active and others inactive. The model needs to be rolled back to version #3.

4. Right click on version #3 and select Check Out and Rebase to Active.

5. Once above operation confirmed, a 5th version will be created, which will a copy of version #3. This version will be inactive. You will notice the two newly added fields are not available.

6. Activate latest version of the model.

7. Upon activation, the model status should mirror original version before undesirable changes.

8. Confirm model status in Modeler perspective. Notice 5 versions in History.

In conclusion, as you can see, version rollback of a calculation view provides a powerful remedial tool for quick reversal of an enhancement should such an enhancement create issues in a productive environment.

We hope that you find this blog post useful and that it helps you running your business better. Thank you for reading!

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