Mobile Manager Approval and User Management for SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP

With our 2005 version of SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP mobile app you now find two new interesting apps which makes management and administration while being on the road even more easy.

  1. Mobile Manager Approval
  2. Mobile User Administration

Both apps will be available to you as tile in the launchpad of the well known ByDesign Mobile app. Only prerequisite is that you also have the desktop work center of “Managing My Area” and “Business User and Application Management” assigned to your profile.

Mobile manager approval offers the following:

  • Manager approvals within ByD Mobile app
  • Approve purchase orders, expenses, quotes and more
  • Swipe to accept or reject
  • Add comments
  • Freely aggregate approvals by project, project task, cost center or employee

Mobile user management offers the ability to lock & unlock business and technical users and to see the details of those users.

More about mobility in ByD can be found here.

More about SAP Cloud ERP can be found here.

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