Sales Kit Return – Profitability Analysis

The objective of this blog post is to highlight the handling of sales kit return functionality in SAP Business ByDesign and the improvements in the sales kit profitability analysis.

In case an entire sales kit is returned, a credit memo must be posted accordingly. If it is returned with reference, the original sales price from the sales kit header will be picked up based on the referenced sales document.

The improvements in profitability analysis allow to view the profitability on sales kit header and sales kit item. It now provides the following information:

  • Where does the revenue originate from on the sales kit header?
  • What is the contribution of sales kit items to the cost of goods sold?

The same is now supported for the sales kit return in case the sales kit items are returned to stock.

This short introduction of the sales kit return functionality and sales kit profitability analysis improvements shall help you to start using the new capabilities in SAP Business ByDesign.



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