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This is the continuation of my previous blog , this time we’re going to see how to set-up the outbound messages following the same approach as inbound:

So, we have the outbound TPM agreements:

As you can noticed I filled up the “Optional parameters” with the interface and namespaces and I put the Functional Profile to determine the mapping variant & routing configurations:

The following screenshot demonstrate how your IB could look after the implementation of the dynamic receiver & interface determinations:

001-Receive Idocs: You have the technical connections from the SAP systems to your SAP PO system

002-Forward Idocs to EDISEPARATOR:You have a unique ICO to receive all the Idocs files and send to the EDISEPARATOR( nothing new here )

003-Execute mappings:Here is where all the magic happen

You have a unique ICO with a Service Interface with multiple operations (one per message type & idoc type) with a sender communication channel who will handle all the Idocs

In the EDISeparator sender CC you must create the logic in a custom adapter module to pick the correct agreement & finally the functional profile to put the “RECEIVER_PARTY & RECEIVER_COMMUNICATION_COMPONENT” & “MAPPING_VARIANT” as a custom dynamic properties :

After that we can use those custom dynamic properties in the receiver determination step:

And of course you can use the latest custom dynamic property to execute the corresponding  mapping variant:

004-Deliver messages to Partners:You need one Receiver Agreement per receiver Partner and use a Service Interface with multiple operations( one per EDIFACT message ) to deliver all the EDIFACT messages.

How does it look in the A2A monitor?:

How does it look in the B2B monitor?:


As a conclusion I would say that there is a better way to build your B2B interfaces using all the tools provided by SAP PI & the B2B add-on than hardcode identifiers in communication channels, and end up with an unnecessary amount of objects in both ESR and IB without much sense, and personally I hope that SAP provides better documentation, best practices, and guidelines of the B2B add-on to avoid “Frankensteins” in SAP PI systems.


Not forget, be curious! 😉


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