OData Provisioning: From Neo to Cloud Foundry

OData Provisioning exposes business data and business logic as OData services on SAP Cloud Platform, thereby enabling customers to run user-centric applications on SAP Cloud. In the Neo environment OData Provisioning is available as a service of SAP Cloud Platform which combines SAP Gateway capabilities in a Cloud context. In the Cloud Foundry environment OData Provisioning is available under the name “SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, serverless runtime” which also consists of Extensions. Refer here.

This blog post aims at detailing how to switch your existing APIs from ODP Neo to ODP CF.


OData Provisioning in Neo



In the Neo environment of OData Provisioning, 2 main tasks were involved

  1. Creation of HTTP destinations in the cloud cockpit
  2. Registration of services

Switch from Neo to CF


Service Marketplace




In the CF Environment the Initial setup consists

  • Creation of “xfs-runtime” service instance available in the CF Marketplace
  • Enable and assign roles for Extension Center, which is the Administration UI

The switch from Neo to Cloud Foundry involves two steps to be executed

  1. All those HTTP Destinations that were used for OData Provisioning in Neo environment need be Created in the CF environment via the Cloud cockpit. For each destination an additional property odc need to be provided with value true.

    Points to Note
    – For destination of Proxy Type “On Premise”, Cloud Connector needs to be configured for the CF sub-account
    – The existing installation of Cloud Connector can be reused.
    – Destinations can be exported from cockpit on Neo platform and imported to CF via the cockpit
    – Principal Propagation needs to be reconfigured in the CF environment

  2. Services that we registered in the Neo environment need to be registered in the CF environment via the Cloud cockpit


With this, you could start working with your OData APIs in SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, serverless runtime.

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