ONB 2.0 – Central Orientation Meeting. Basic Concept & Configuration.

ONB 2.0 – Central Orientation Meeting. Basic Concept & Configuration.

Central Orientation Meeting functionality in ONB 2.0 allows New hire to identify what meeting (s) he/she has to attend on the First Day or subsequent days (optional). On the New Hire’s (External Candidate) Home Page a tile called as “Meetings” appears which shows the detail of the “Central Orientation Meeting” as per the configuration.

It’s one of the easiest configuration piece in On-boarding 2.0. Let’s configure it.

Prerequisites: RBP needs to configured properly to do the configuration.

Step 1: Add “Central Orientation Meetings”. Admin Center –> Maintain Onboarding 2.0 Central Orientation Meetings. Two Sample Meetings are created.

Meeting 1 Detail:

Meeting 2 Detail:

Step 2: Configure Business Rule. Admin Center –> Configure Business Rules. Sample Business Rule Below.Here always true rule has been shown but as per need condition(s) can be added in the rule.

That’s All. Let’s test it.

After initiating the on-boarding when New Hire logs in SF on-boarding system, it shows 2 events in the Meeting tile.

After clicking the tile it show the event detail:

That’s all. Start your configuration.

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