Become an Early Adopter of SAP Cloud Platform, Kyma runtime

With the launch of “SAP Cloud Platform, Kyma runtime”, we introduced a new environment in SAP Cloud Platform to deploy containerized microservices and serverless functions. You can find details about this offering in the posts “Get a fully managed runtime based on Kyma and Kubernetes” and “How to get started”.


To enable you to benefit from this new functionality as early as possible, SAP is now offering an Early Adopter Program at no additional cost for Kyma runtime customers.

Customers who participate in the program will be among the first to use this new technology and will gain the advantages of being a early adopter in their industry. Participants in the program will also directly benefit from the dedicated efforts of a development back-office who will guide the coordinated support and priority attention provided through the program.


If you are interested in receiving guidance when starting to explore Kyma runtime, you can register here. We from Product Management will then approach you, jointly discuss your use case for Kyma runtime, and help you to get a kick-start.

As Kyma runtime is only available via the consumption-based model from SAP Cloud Platform, the best is if your company already has a Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement in place.



PS: Do you want to hear about a customer using Kyma in combination with SAP Commerce Cloud? Then sign-up for a webinar on June 9th with Perfumery Douglas, their implementation partner Netconomy, and SAP’s Moritz Zimmermann!

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