Here’s the value of Integration Black Belt

When you want to be a game-changer in any ecosystem, you need to sweat and strive to learn and ramp-up. Consider yourself as the game-changer and SAP as the targeted ecosystem. You can set yourself apart from the competition, learn about complex customer challenges, and how our products solve them. That’s why we at SAP are always looking for ways to make the relevant, connected, precise data and its trails available to you in the blink of an eye.

Why Integration Blackbelt

Let’s listen to Harsh Jegadeesan to understand the reason to launch Integration Black Belt Program.

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How this will help you

Each learning map for all major roles that are involved in selling and delivering SAP solutions are customized. Listen to Christopher Aron on how this will help you.

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Get ready-made resources and watch out on the system

Along with training, you also get a trove of ready-made resources. For pre-sales, this includes things like case studies, demos, architectural overviews, market trends, industry reports, competitive battle cards, and presentations. Strengthened with online demonstrations which are a fantastic chance to check out the system in a more detailed way, guided by a product specialist that knows the software’s capabilities inside out. Listen to Tushar Pradhan on how we have crafted these resources for our internal audience.

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Earn your badge

In martial arts, black belts are often a coveted symbol that you’ve put in the time to become an expert in something. And it’s the same here. Listen to Shilpa Vij on how to earn your badge.

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Bringing it all Together

We appreciate the engagement and candor that you all have contributed to this program. Listen to Emily Loggenberg on reflecting this.

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Close Collaboration to drive the change

Listening to the integration practitioners and then reflecting on how business value is being realized from SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite is key to SAP’s marketing efforts. Michael Hill is happy to engage with our Integration black belts to learn more about how Integration Suite is being used by our customers and partners.

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We look forward to seeing the Integration Black Belts within the community, further showcasing SAP’s commitment to Integration!

We’ll roll out more updates to additional partners/customers categories over the course of the year, so stay tuned.

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