Role of Success Factors Solutions in Managing the Response to COVID 19

SAP Success Factors Solutions has been around for almost two decades. During this period it has seen many enhancements to suit the purpose of changing time. This time around the situation requires quick remedial actions. Let’s see, whether the SAPs Success Factor Solutions are up for this challenge or not.

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One of the recent additions being HXM. It resulted from the acquisition of Qualtrics somewhere in the second half of 2018. Little did they know that a situation of great employee concern was knocking at the door in the form of employee management in the world of COVID 19.

Today, we will discuss how Success Factor solutions are empowering the companies of all sizes to deal with the situation, especially when it comes to employee management.

The numbers story

  • There is a report made in EY (Ernest and Young) titled ‘HR resilience planning – COVID-19 impact and preparedness. It says that almost 70% of organizations hinted towards a fall in productivity due to continued work from setup.
  • Another striking report from ILO indicates that this pandemic will lead to a reduction of around 6.75 of global working hours. To understand it better, think of it in this way- A reduction in 6.75 of global working hours equates to 195 million full-time employee work hours.
  • According to the ILO (international labor organization), changing dynamics at a workplace affects four out of five people.

An insight into employee management with SAP Success Factor Solutions and Qualtrics

Organizations have been quite proactive in inculcating AI and ML into the working mechanisms. The need for unified Human capital management has created a lot of noise (solutions). The reason for the rise in the need for a single capital management system is quite plausible at its core.

A unified HCM system makes it easy to handle different aspects of employee management. Some examples include, tracking work hours, providing performance-based rewards, tracking of payment roll-outs, employee training & development.

These are just a few areas brought in order thanks to the SAP Success Factor unified solution bag tools. A considerable extent of this management solution rides over the shoulders of Qualtrics HXM (Human Experience Management). This is an AI and ML-based solution.

Transformational role of Success Factor Solution and Qualtrics in Workforce management

COVID 19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation that brings a wave of emotions and perceptual changes in the employee’s psyche. We have the operational data at hand to deal with functional disparity, something that is tangible.

Until HXM, there was no other that could tap into emotions and perceptions of the workers. So, the insecurities in the workers arising out of an uncomfortable situation of greater size, say a pandemic, are not touched.

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The combination of O(operational)-data with a backup of X (experience)-data results in the transformational change to the HR-based employee management that we are looking for.

This combination brings forth both the functional operational and perception-based data. So, you can link both of them together to predict situational outcomes while performing a certain task. It can further help in improving the HR-employee relationship and dispel the environment of insecurity.

Dealing with COVID 19 Success Factor Solutions response management challenge

Quite evidently, employee management based COVID 19 challenges is steep. The need for disaster-related employee data is hard to gather at this point. But the user can configure the portlet to arm themselves with value-added resources that can help the cause to some extent.

Crucial data points will arm the user post including the necessary configuration to the portlet, . It is a handy resource to create an employee response plan to tackle situations like a pandemic as it leaves working remotely the only sane option.

Retreating to the above fact about decline productivity due to remote work, a perfect response plan helps in arresting the productivity decline to a certain degree.

Benefits of configuration

  • Track of employee data including joiners and exclusions.
  • Ensured protection of health-related employee data.
  • Increase in flexibility while shifting from raw health data (an example situation relevant to data point)to analytics.
  • Enhanced customization options concerning changing situations.

Three employee management solutions from SAP Qualtrics

With the inclusion of Qualtrics under the umbrella of SAP we have seen several solutions coming up. But three SAP+Qualtrics based solutions in contention today are apt for the current situation.

A unified HCM system, which we talked about earlier, also refers to the solution where perception-based data are placed right to the side of the operational data. Providing both the information under a single dashboard gives rise to SAP Qualtrics based solutions.

SAP Qualtrics Employee engagement

The SAP Qualtrics Employee engagement solution uses the Open Text IQ analytics tool. It dwells into the text-oriented response of the employee to gain important insights. The insight gathered to form the basis of planning to create an engaging work environment cycle with being physically present in the office premises.

The solution at hand also creates a setup for the inclusion of employee feedback. The assimilation of each response forms a tangible meaning to predict trends. Managers have access to these behavioral data while implementing new work policies. This includes every data that is crucial for work-from-home situations.

It is important to note that the flexibility in the dashboard post addition of Qualtric solution data remains intact. Managers have the option to modify the dashboard category panel to suit the changing requirements.

SAP Qualtrics Employee lifecycle

As the name suggests, this SAP Qualtrics Employee solution helps gather data of the employees during the entire lifecycle of the employee while working with a particular company.

The objective of this SAP Qualtrics solution is to assist you in retaining the talent pool consistently. It also provides data related to employing entry and exit, Workflow structure, and automation process. The users also have the option of bundling the data gathered through the Qualtric solution to the existing HCM solution panel.

SAP Qualtrics Employee benefit Optimizer

The competition to attract the best talents is at an all-time high. The pandemic has also caused a situation where employees can see the exit doors at proximity. The companies are laying off employees. In the process, some of the best employees are getting back to the availability pool. This solution helps to gauge the benefits that employees want.

According to a report published on the official website, more than 25 million workers will get unemployed. However, the numbers may vary depending on the future developments to the situations. Also, the economic policy framed by the government will have an impact on the numbers.

The normal guess is out of the equation with the choice-based conjoint methodology. It is a crucial feature of this solution, which helps to determine the trade-offs. It also assigns a budget for attracting a prospective adhering to the targets set during the planning phase.


Research suggests that the pandemic is here to stay for longer than maybe a year. The organization will be keen on new technology shifts for organizing remote-work culture. Spearheading the technology transformation, SAP Success Factor solutions will make life easier in the employee management section.

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