#SAPOnlineTrack – A Great Show @saponlinetrack

First, congratulations to the outstanding work of the SAP Inside Track Organizers:

Top row is Anne Johnson , Katan Patel Nabheet Madan

Bottom row is Ronnie André Bjørvik Sletta Srikanth Peri Jakob Marius Kjær

They accomplished a great, educational, informative 24 hour marathon this weekend benefitting Girls Who Code.

As a speaker, they made things easy for me.  I had the choice of pre-recording, having a moderator, or “DIY” – do it yourself.  Several changes to the schedule were made for my benefit (thank you, Srikanth).

So what does SAP Analytics Cloud show what was said on social media?  See below:

Most of the tweets came from the Twitter app, some by iPhone, then iPad

Of course most of the tweets were on Saturday and Sunday


What influenced the count of tweets?  The followers

Turn on Smart Insights for SAP Analytics Cloud

Smart insights and top by Source are shown above

Top tweeters are shown above

Tweet with most retweets was from DJ Adams:

Just look at all these amazing sessions from @SAPCommunity folks at #SAPOnlineTrack this weekend. Pretty damn impressive, if you ask me! https://t.co/VrbK1kIOtT

Most favorited tweet was from the SAP Online Track twitter account

A massive thank you to the @sapOnlineTrack organizers – @srikanthperi @nabheet @ArtisticSpasm @KatanSAPDevelop @rsletta @uxKjaer – well done to all #SAPOnlineTrack https://t.co/NdNOkggcWd

I enjoyed the sessions, including the quiz by DJ Adams and Maximilian Streifeneder – congrats to Sascha Wenninger for winning the “no prize”.

Congratulations to Gregor Wolf for winning the SAP Press Subscription prize, and for the charity challenge.

If you missed the sessions the replays are available here.  Thank you again to the SAP Online Track team. I look forward to hearing your lessons learned.  I am glad I recorded my session, as my internet suddenly went out 30 minutes into the session.  My thanks to those who attended my session live, including Patrizia Rossi, Clemens Link

Best credits ever are here.

If you attended, what are your take-aways?

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