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As provided by CEO Christian Klein recently, this Integration Strategy Paper provides SAP’s comprehensive overview of our integration plan in the cloud.

Integration for SAP focuses on the significant value customers achieve from holistic technology and business process integration, SAP to SAP, but also to third-party applications and in hybrid customer landscapes. Our Business Technology Platform, including our SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, provides all capabilities for process-, data-, user- and analytics-centric integrations, enabling out-of-the-box integration for SAP-to-SAP scenarios and more than 160 connectors for third-party applications. No other vendor can deliver this deep business process integration across the entire value chain which goes far beyond the solely technical integration approaches of our competitors.

Across all these areas support is available for Enterprise Support customers. Last year we provided a series of overview and introductory Meet The Expert webinars to help customers gain an understanding of the various areas of the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite and their capabilities learning about the various innovative ways for integrating with SAP. This year we continued to showcase the capabilities of the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite with introductory Meet The Expert webinars on SAP Data Intelligence and Enterprise Messaging.

To support customer adoption, we provided more detailed integration content on onboarding to SAP Cloud Platform Integration, setting up Transport Management for SAP Cloud Platform Integration and configuring and utilising SAP Cloud Connector. After the initial set-up, we have provided help with developing integration flows. Previously, we have provided a webinar series to help customers learn how to implement the different integration options to send data to/from SAP ERP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors. Also, we created a series of webinars to help customers understand the integration between SAP Customer Experience Solutions and suite applications SAP ERP, SAP CRM and SAP S/4HANA and includes the integration scenarios between SAP Customer Experience  cloud offerings. Also, we have this webinar session to help customers to manage core HR with the integration between SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Furthermore, we help customers build enterprise-grade integration flows to support their mission-critical business processes though our introduction session to Integration Flow Design Guidelines.

For business process integration we provided a series of Meet The Expert webinars outlining the integration of various SAP cloud applications used to create the end-to-end business processes that will be used as lighthouse business processes to showcase the Intelligent Enterprise in action. In particular to business to government (B2G) integration we have provided a set of Meet The Expert webinars for SAP Document Compliance detailing the overall solution and sessions tailored for individual countries such as Germany, Italy, Hungary, Peru, Mexico, Belgium and Brazil.

To help understand our customers better and to pilot content with customers before making it generally available, we use the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council program to pilot integration content. In 2020 we want to enable customers to expand their knowledge in SAP Cloud Platform Integration by providing best practices, security and monitoring content. Afterwards we want to help customers implementing specific cloud-to-cloud and SAP to third-party integration scenarios. Customers can listen to the program kick-off session to discover the value proposition for various topic areas. Here you can listen to the internal kick-off call. Also you can access the program and find us in the SAP Discovery Center.

Also we are piloting remote services for SAP Cloud Platform Integration. The CQC for Cloud Deployment Readiness Check for SAP Cloud Platform Integration service is to support the overall quality of your integration landscape by focusing on your SAP Cloud Platform service Integration tenant. During the service, SAP remotely reviews the solution configuration for potential risks and provides recommendations in line with SAP’s Best Practices.

For productive integration scenarios, the Continuous Quality Check Interface Management (CQC IFM) service helps SAP Enterprise Support customers to optimize the return on their investment in SAP cloud applications by investigation and analysis of specific interfaces. The service helps to minimize potential risks during critical go-lives as well as during the operations phase of your solution and to increase technical stability, performance, throughput, and maintainability of your solution. Therefore if you are having issues with your productive cloud integration scenarios, please see if this remote CQC service is suitable to address your issues.

Note:  To access the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, a one-time sign up is required. A valid S-user is required to attend Meet the Expert Webinar sessions.

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Robert Kelly

Integration Lead – SAP Enterprise Support

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