New features for mass changing functional locations and equipment

Being able to enhance objects with customer-specific fields has always been a core part of SAP ERP. However, updating customer-specific fields in mass operations is often not possible – much to the dismay of maintenance planners, who can update many standard fields of functional locations or of equipment conveniently, but cannot do the same for their own customer-specific fields. We’ve now addressed this shortcoming within the scope of the SAP EAM Plant Maintenance (2016) Customer Influence Opportunity. We’ve enabled the mass update of customer-specific fields of functional locations and equipment in transactions IL05 and IE05 respectively:

On top of the customer-specific fields, we’ve added some additional standard fields that may now be updated, including construction year and construction month as well as manufacturer. For a comprehensive list, see below.

  • Weight of object
  • Unit of weight
  • Size/dimension
  • Inventory number
  • Start-up-date
  • AcquisitionValue
  • Currency for AcquisitionValue
  • AcquisitionDate
  • Manufacturer
  • ManufCountry
  • Model number
  • Construction year
  • Construction month
  • ManufPartNo
  • ManufSerialNo
  • Position
  • Construction Type
  • Installation allowed (IL05 only)
  • Single installation (IL05 only)

The new functionality is now available with SAP Notes 2871003 and 2871190 for functional locations and for equipment respectively, or with the latest support packages of enhancement package 7&8 for SAP ERP and S/4HANA. You can enable the new functionality by implementing either the SAP Note or installing the corresponding support packages, switching on the Enterprise Asset Management Part 14 business function and by enhancing the customer-specific data structures. To find out more, refer to the linked release notes.

If you have any questions on the functionality leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to answer!

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