Silent installation/uninstallation command for Analysis Office and EPM from AO 2.8 SP02


In this post I am going to brief you about silent installation/uninstallation  of AO and EPM components of Analysis Office 2.8 support pack 02. Analysis Office (AO) is available as a consolidated version from 2.8.The installer GUI gives you  an option to choose  the selected components. If you need AO alone from this  version and want to go with standalone EPM version , you can select only AO and proceed further.

However, if you want to do a silent install ( for example via SCCM), you may need command line codes  to differentiate components. In other words,if you want to install either AO  or EPM from the consolidated version, you can achieve it directly using the script line rather than doing a custom packaging .

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I was successful in doing such a silent selective installation using this method and it proven working seamlessly. Same way we can uninstall the below components through command lines.

For installing AO alone from the AO 2.8 SP02 version:

           AOFFICE28SP02_0-70004974.exe /product:SapCof /silent

For installing EPM alone from the AO 2.8SP02 version:

           AOFFICE28SP02_0-70004974.exe /product:SapEpm /silent

For uninstalling AO alone from the AO 2.8 SP02 version:

           AOFFICE28SP02_0-70004974.exe /product:SapCof /silent /Uninstall 

For uninstalling EPM alone from the AO 2.8 SP02 version:

           AOFFICE28SP02_0-70004974.exe /product:SapEpm /silent /Uninstall 

Note – ” AOFFICE28SP02_0-70004974.exe” – software package executable file in AO 2.8 SP02 version

Note – I have used Vb script for achieving the above functions.

PS: Below notes are available from SAP on custom packaging and generic unintsallation of AO.

  1. 1929396 – Silent Install Analysis Office
  2. 2139406 – Silent Uninstall Analysis for Office


You have now learnt a simple way to do the silent installation/unistallation of  Analysis office thus avoiding a need for custom packaging. Happy learning!

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