SAP HANA Cloud Demo : Data Virtualization & Relational Data Lake with AWS & Azure services

SAP HANA Cloud is the next-gen DBaaS (runs on Kubernetes) replaces the existing SAP HANA service on SAP Cloud Platform. I have spent some time exploring some of it capabilities and would like to share with you a demo explaining some if its cool capabilities. I have kept it very simple for anyone to understand the basic concepts.

  • Provisioning/Scalability options
  • Data Virtualization
  • Relational Data Lake

We often deal with requirements where customer organizations have invested with hyperscaler storage services and hence I have prepared a demo where I show how to leverage these along with HANA Cloud.

To know more about SAP HANA Cloud, I would recommend you to go through this blog post “Getting Started with SAP HANA Cloud which will provide you a good overview with links to HANA Academies and tutorials to get started.

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