How to activate Invoice Receipt Date in document header for any company

Many of the customers use OCR solutions like VIM where incoming invoice data is stored including the date of invoice receipt. However hardly anybody knows that the same date can be stored in non-OCR scenario – this is because the field Invoice Receipt Date is not visible in any of FI/ LIV transactions by default settings. Only visible fields are:

  • Posting Date
  • Document Date
  • Translation Date
  • VAT Date (if activated in company code)

However if you look in to BKPF table then you will spot the receipt date available in form of REINDAT field:

The question is how to make it visible?


As you know the fields in document header are controlled in different places, mainly by coding – there is no field status variant available like it is for posting lines.

Same applies to REINDAT field – it was activated for usage of Czech companies due to VAT Ledger requirements by note:

2193486 – FAQ /regular update/ for Legal Change CZ VAT Ledger Statement for 2016

which listed following notes to be implemented:

  • 2219418 Country-specific VAT implementations: UDO
  • 2172952 – Enhancing the structure BAPIVBRKOUT
  • 2213503 – Country-specific VAT implementations
  • 2241853 – RFUMSV00(CZ): Combining entries for input tax
  • 2237363 = Country-specific VAT implementations: UDO 2
  • 2221947 = Country-specific VAT implementations 2
  • 2231165 – Country-specific VAT implementations 3
  • 2250498 = Country-specific VAT implementations: UDO 3 (Only for DE – optional, but it can’t be implemented after 2255858 note!)
  • 2255858 = Country-specific VAT implementations: UDO 4
  • 2244343 = Country-specific VAT implementations 4
  • 2259658 = Country-specific VAT implementations: UDO 5
  • 2258535 = Country-specific VAT implementations 5
  • 2240873 – Country-specific VAT implementations. The field REINDAT
  • 2263523 – FB09: Feld BKPF-REINDAT ist nicht änderbar
  • 2256603 – Country-specific VAT implementations. The field REINDAT (the transaction FB01)
  • 2283397 – Country-specific VAT implementations. The field REINDAT (the transaction FB01)

These notes are prerequisities to see and be able to activate the field.

You could stop reading here and say – how should we use a Czech-specific funtion if we do not have a company there? The settings may seem to be activable for Czech companies only but in reality any company can use it – it works for everyone (according to principle: it is not a bug it is a feature).

How to activate the field in customizing

Once the notes are available in your system you should be able to access following path:

IMG Activity Financial Accounting (New) –> General Ledger Accounting (New) –> Periodic Processing –> Report –> Statutory Reporting: Czech Republic –> Value-Added Tax Ledger
Transaction Define Settings for VAT Ledger

Or simply call view IDFIVATV_DEF via SM30.

Even if your company is not from Czech Republic, you can enter your company code and just mark the field:

All the other fields can remain as they are. The test company 1000 is defined in country PL.

After you have saved the settings the field is available in FB01/ FB60/ MIRO FB02 for your company code:

FB60 Invoice Receipt date field visible


MIRO Invoice Receipt date field visible

The field is also available in document change view (FB02).


After posting document is posted you can see the field available in table and in FB03 view:



If you have stored the day of invoice receipt in a non-standard field or reserved a standard header field for that – you can release it for other usage and switch easily to standard solution. The good message is that because it is included in BKPF it can be also made available for dynamic selections in various reports.


Thank you for reading!

Marek Turczyński

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