Good to Know- C4C- Upcoming features in August 2008 Release

Hi all:

In this post I share with you some new features coming soon in the C4C 2008 Release.

Here I only mention some of the functionalities that will facilitate the day to day for those who work with the product.

Planned Upgrade of Test Tenants- 1+2 August 2020
Planned Upgrade of Production Tenants- 15+16 August 2020

In this new version, the SAP team brings us many new features. But the two features that most impact the appearance of the product are, without a doubt, the new theme of Safira and the Kanban board for “My Ticket” What do you think?

And what other features do you find most useful?

Here I list the top 10 according to my point of view. 

  1. Fiori UI: New tiles for Home Page – Kanban Board for ”My Ticket”


2. Fiori UI: New tiles for Home Page – Video Tile

        3.Fiori UI: Safira – New Theme (Beta)


4. Business Partner: Clickable Phone number


5. TopicArea: Home view supported in Impersonation

6. SAP Intelligent Sales Execution (ISE): Pipeline Flow (Only for Enterprise Licence)

7. Lead: Additional Actions available on Lead Quick View

8. Ticket Restriction Rule for Service Organization

9. SAP Cloud for Customer Integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Transactional Scenarios – Service

10. Create Follow up Service Order in S/4 HANA Cloud from C4C Ticket


All documentation of the new feature you can find in this link: 

What other features do you find most useful?


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