The Ultimate Guide to SAP Business Technology Platform

The current market has a lot of struggles and pressures. For example, customers need a quick way to find goods and products they need at their convenience. SAP helped to solve this by the introduction of a business technology platform (BTP). The BTP offers a foundation required to change and adaptability in enhancing companies’ strategies to respond to the market values.

SAP Business Technology Platform offers an integrated form of different technological portfolios to work for any business. It focuses on database and data management, application development and integration, analytics, and intelligent technologies. As a result, it is straightforward and possible to turn data in a business to get the best value while helping to promote end-to-end business processes. Also, developers can convert data both on-premise and on the cloud.

The BTP portfolio involves a variety of portfolios in integrated technologies. It has to derive value from data stemming from the SAP application such as SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP Ariba solutions. There is also various non-SAP application integrated to help with proper data management. One typical instance is the SAP HANA used under the database for the management of data. It allows customers to buy SAP BusinessObjects BI suites, such as the analytics pillar or SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite under the application development, or machine learning under the intelligent technologies pillar. They are readily bought separately but function better when used simultaneously.

Components of SAP Business Technology Platform

BTP offers help to customers with a various range of options coming from its components that make up the complete framework. Customers can enjoy services like:

  • Managing diverse data stores in real-time when using the SAP HANA
  • Integrate and extend enterprise application in any IT landscapes using SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite and SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite
  • Analysis of data used in planning and decision-making with SAP Analytics Cloud or the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solutions.
  • Innovate business using updated intelligent technologies

Here are the components of the platform.


Analytics solution is used for real-time insights using machine learning, AI, business intelligence, and all augmented analytics in your business. In addition, there is various analytics you may use in the past or present situations that help simulate your business’s future expectations.


SAP HANA enables you to have the full potential of your company’s data. It is an unrivalled in-memory database for all digital businesses and intelligent enterprises to keep your data secure and available in the cloud.

System Administration

SAP Basis offers a system administration platform for SAP environments from their SAP Business Suite via the SAP S/4HANA. The purpose of the forum ensures all the SAP systems available in the environment run effortlessly and consistently.

ABAP Programming

ABAP technology is the solid foundation where SAPs solution portfolios are built. It is robust, scalable, and extensible to any market. Its features make it the top choice for running mission-critical business processes that you need to get your company working with ease.

Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager offers customers a range of options for managing their SAP and non-SAP applications. Every user can open and close the application with ease. In addition, it can centralize, enhance, automate, and improve the management of the entire system. These services are essential to reduce the total cost of ownership and the general amount of money used for management.


SAP Process Integration is used under SOA implementation in the form of a software package that enables data transfer between SAP and any other third-party systems. It offers various methods for configuring the back-end system to the SAP Process Integration using JAVA and other advanced skills for configuring the business process with the SAP Process Orchestration.

SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori refers to the user experience (UX) for its software ad applications. The UX has a simplified application set that is perfect for regular business functions like work approvals, calculation apps, financial apps, and several self-service apps.

SAP Enterprise Portal

SAP Enterprise Portal is the Web front-ends feature of the SAP NetWeaver. It refers to a comprehensive integration and application platform used to facilitate the alignment of people, business processes, and information across organizational and technical boundaries in a company.

Benefits of Using SAP Business Technology Platform

The SAPs components allow the transformation of data into valuable insights for businesses. It is possible to combine operational (O-data) data and experience data (X-data) to offer a unified experience that every business need. It brings together a suite of SAP intelligent applications and experience management (XM) while simultaneously embedding intelligence in all business processes.

The SAP Business Platform acts as an open strategy to enhance continual growth and support partner solutions to businesses. It will also integrate all third-party systems you need to keep your business operating smoothly. The technologies used form an intelligent suite to transform all corporation into experience companies. Some of the opportunities businesses achieve on the platform include:

  • Personalized business services: SAP’s Business Technology Platform is full of a portfolio of various SAP solutions to meet all the needs of an organization.
  • Unified platform solution: moving data within various tech stacks is cumbersome manually. The unified platform offers synergy and integrated data management to provide the services without hassle.
  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid systems: working with the platform offers you to choose between the on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment. It is easy depending on your business needs and the private functions you need for your processes.

Services on the SAP Business Technology Platform

There is a wide range of functionalities in the SAP Business Technology Platform. They range from document and data management to the globalization of data to blockchain and machine learning. Getting a runtime functionality for every environment you have needs a good service. The selection of services is therefore here is how you can make the right choice.

Work Flow Management Services

The SAP Work Flow Management allows businesses to form a cohesive family of services in the SAP Business Technology. The result is an automated business process, decision-making logic, and end-to-end visibility of operations. The sharing services also allow for a differentiated process e extension in unison with SAP and third-party applications. It will help to orchestrate tasks. And process on the board and offers process-oriented applications.

The effective part of the portfolio is the use of SAP Workflow Service. It allows users to extend all their core business processes running in the S/4 HANA, Ariba, Concur, SuccessFactors, SAP Service Cloud, and other third-party applications. The extensions applications are critical in adopting a focused business process that is fast, agile, and non-disruptive.

The service will also allow you to use the SAP Mylnbox, a Fiori-based application in the tasking of all processes. You can deploy actions and monitor workflows in real-time. Also, the combination of SAP Workflow Management and SAP intelligent Robotic Process Automation can reconcile structured workflows and unstructured tasks. The level of automation is high for the business am king it better in the management and reduce manual efforts with its associated errors.

Business Services

It combines the processes and industry knowledge using intelligent technologies like machine learning and analytics. The business services help deliver content and functionality tailored to promote business needs and assist in customizing solutions to meet the specific needs of any business.

It also allows for extensions to cloud solutions with out-of-the-box business services. It helps to shorten the development time of processes to ease the business processes.

The Extensions Concepts on SAP Business Technology Platform

There is a wide range of options for extending or creating an application in the SAP BTP. However, the choices differ depending on the runtime environment and the hyperscaler your business is using. The offers may range from No-Code to Full-Code, from ABAP to Bring-Your-Own-Language. The solution choice depends on the goals and abilities you have in your company.

Strategic Vision of the SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform vision is to become an integrated data development platform for all users. There is a need to create a tighter integration to all the solutions offered and capabilities of one connected platform and consistent commercial models, a digital cockpit, and an open service catalogue. Furthermore, all these services need to be seamless and with a user-friendly experience.

The future BTP will help span current and additional capabilities to cover data-to-value, integration extension, and the development of agility. In addition, it creates guided journeys for customers to perform different roles within the various skillsets to the respective value of the business processes.

Final Word

Various organizations use the SAP Business Technology Platform since they run multiple SAP BTP such as SAP HANA or SAP BusinessObjects solutions. These businesses should continue to invest more in SAP technologies to achieve more value in the future. It would help to combine several SAP technologies to the current solution mix to offer a more comprehensive solution to prevent problems that are inevitable in their way. Therefore, it uncovers lucrative business opportunities and higher scalability.

The offering is also evolving fast to address more and more business challenges. SAP staff is highly dedicated to learning and working hard to align the development and documentation in the business process. Keep updating yourself with the new technologies on SAP to keep track of what is new.

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