Animations/UX with SAPUI5/Mobile – Showcase

Hello World!

Continuing with the innovation series, and going a little deeper on UX with SAPUI5… also adding the news that the 2022 Football World cup is coming up, why could’t we create a SAP application that could help the teams in realtime on the field, like the one in NHL league?

Focusing on the Animated UX, it could be something like this (“SAP Football League App😉):

Also generating key KPIs from the field, players, etc.

NHL one:

Combining SAPUI5 and it’s UX design principles with other powerful tools/frameworks to deliver the best possible UX to the enduser, could be the solution to this type of requirements…what do you think?

Full demo video:

Drop a comment below on what other possibilities and scenarios something like this may help, ok? Let’s chat!

PS: Don’t forget to visit the Facial Recognition and the Gamification posts as well.

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