Version History Management for BO and XBO (without revert) in SDK – New Feature in 2211 Release

Hello All.

As you all know that we already, a feature for version history management for ABSL files in SDK where the version history of the ABSL files that can be compared and reverted. If you are unaware of this feature, please refer to the Link for detail information.

Now with this release we have introduce an additional feature of version history for Extension Business Object and Custom objects.

Following are the functionalities available as part of the Version Management feature: –

  1. Display – View the code of the selected version
  2. Compare – Compare the code between two selected versions

Now if you login to SDK and right click on any .xbo or .bo  file, you will see a new option called Manage Versions as shown in the screen shot below:

Let’s see the features in detail:-


Once you click on the option Manage Versions, you will be able to see all the versions for that .xbo and bo.

You can select the version which you want to view and click on the button Display. This will open a window with the code snippet for that particular .xbo/bo file version.


The version which is showing in the top will always be the latest version. Select the check box against each version which you want to compare the code changes and click on the compare button. This will display a screen as shown below:

This example shows the differences in version 11 in comparison with version 12. The highlight in red color will show the codes which had been removed in the previous version and green highlight will show the codes which has been added in the current version. Similarly, you can see Selected and Unchanged codes in respective colors as shown.


  1. These versions will get created each time you make any changes in the .xbo/bo and Save. Also, these versions will be available to view only in the current patch and this will reset once you create the next patch version.
  2. In case more than two versions are selected, all buttons get disabled along with an information message.
  3. Revert button is not enabled with feature, only display and compare has been provided.

Hope this feature will be helpful for you and makes your work easier!



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