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In this blog I will show you steps to create the Transport of copies. This is very simple concept to move your changes to Quality without moving original transport. I have asked many consultants in my project, and they are unaware of this concept in spite of being very simple process. So here we go.

Go to SE10. Below screen will appear. Make sure you have clicked Transport of copies. Press enter.

Below transport will appear. It has main transport and the task.

Select customizing task (2nd Transport 7869). You can create TOC with 2nd option and not 1st one. Click on Create Button.

Below pop up will appear. Select transport of copies.

Below screen will appear. Give text and Target system as per your client configuration.

Transport of copies will be created. But this transport of copies is empty. It does not have any configurations from original task. So, we need to follow one more step. We have to copy objects from Customizing task to Test below.

First select new Transport of copy above you created (7870). Click on 5th icon from Right.

Below window will appear.

Enter task from which you want to create the copies. Press Enter.

If you see below screenshot, TOC is created. There is a + sign. It means objects are copied from task.

Important point – Transport of copies need to be released to be imported in Quality (STMS_IMPORT).

I hope you liked this document.

CA Zunaid Hingora

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