New version of the RAP Generator available

I have just published a new version of my openSource project called the RAP Generator.

The main new features are that I have added an option that allows you to delete the objects that have been generated using the RAP Generator. This option becomes handy when you have generated your objects in a package that contains already several other ABAP repository objects since it can become cumbersome to search the generated objects and delete the same.

Another new feature is that I have added an additional entity in my RAP business object for the RAP Generator that hosts messages and error messages of the generation frameworks being used.


You can download the RAP Generator for GitHub using the following link:

Not so visitble for the end user is that I managed to make my life easier when it comes to add new features since I have to support two code lines for on-premise and the SAP BTP ABAP Environment in SAP BTP.

Since I was able to move the code that wraps the basic functionality of the XCO-libraries in just two small classes I perform the development using just one code line.

I plan to publish a small video that shows the basic usage of my tool soon.

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