To Code or Not to Code?

To code or not to code, is a question you might pose yourself. And it is a valid question independent of whether you are a full-fledged developer or a business expert, with or without knowledge writing code.

Depending on your level of expertise (and time you have available to complete your projects), there are many different tools to choose from. But there are other elements you might want to consider before deciding. These can be tools such as process automation, embedded machine learning, or KYMA Runtime to extend applications.


SAP offers a variety of different tools from low code to pro code to support the business users and the data scientists. And here we come back to our initial question: To code or not to code?

To help you find the optimal solution, we set-up this webinar series: From No Code to Pro Code – The Right Solution for everyone.

Let us guide you in this webinar series through the different options for example: SAP Analytics Cloud Smart Predict, SAP Build Process Automation, AI Business Services, Embedded Machine Learning with SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA Machine Learning, SAP BTP Kyma Runtime

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