SAP Event Mesh: Trial to be retired

SAP Event Mesh is, as you probably know, SAP’s Event-Broker-as-a-Service to decouple communication between event sources and event consumers. It allows to power event-driven architectures and provides a low entry barrier to event-driven architectures, specifically since pricing is usage based. An overview of SAP Event Mesh can be found in the Discovery Center.

As an integral part of SAP’s event-driven ecosystem, SAP Event Mesh is specifically targeted at and optimised for efficiently extending and integrating SAP backends, following an event-driven architecture style.

A trial option for SAP Event Mesh, available as part of the general BTP trial environment, allowed to try and test it. Unfortunately, this trial environment did not allow to fully evaluate SAP Event Mesh according to its intended use in an end-to-end way. Meaning, that in order to really evaluate an event broker you require all kinds of event sources and event consumers. And usually customer environments differ quite some in respect to the backends and event consumers.


Luckily the capacity based pricing of Event Mesh allowed for an alternative approach that most customers used to evaluate SAP Event Mesh: to simply evaluate it in the customers very own environment, using the targeted backends and consumers. As you can see in the pricing section for Event Mesh in the Discovery Center, a GB of data traffic comes at a very low price and evaluating Event Mesh in their own environments has been seen as a high return investment by customers.

We have therefore decided to retire the trial for SAP Event Mesh since most customers had opted for using their own environments anyway and it does not seem to make much sense to keep a stand-alone trial for SAP Event Mesh if evaluations usually take place in an end to end way.

Please note that the retirement period starts from February 1st and that SAP Event Mesh will be shut down on February 6th 2023.

What we will target instead in the near future, since SAP Event Mesh will move ever closer to the SAP Integration Suite, is a trial of SAP Event Mesh in conjunction with the SAP Integration Suite trial.

Please stay tuned for future updates.

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