Real-time ERP-eCommerce Integration…

…for Increased Efficiency and Stronger Supplier Relations


Authors of the blog: Cesar Bonnin and Francisco Bragança


Say goodbye to long lead times and supplier relationship headaches with Easy Network from SAP Partner Stratesys Technology Solutions.

Here is the story of an SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution, its added-value and the expected impact from incorporating SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) into its technology stack.


Everything You Need to Know About the Package

By using Easy Network, clients are provided with access from their ERP, to the largest e-Commerce platform in the world, where they can interact with their suppliers and manage purchase flows in real time, increasing the interaction and trust of their suppliers, reducing both provisioning lead time for goods/services and supplier relationship/complaint management time.


Exploring the Cutting-Edge Technology Stack

Easy Network is based on the SAP Business Network DSN product, integrated with our client’s ERP through SAP BTP, CPI component, which is key for mapping and transforming data and identifying the documents type to be generated in our customers ERPs.


Uncovering the Potential Game-Changing Impact on Business Growth

SAP Partner Stratesys decided to use SAP BTP in their Easy Network package to increase lead generation opportunities. Moreover, thanks to the lower cost and faster implementation timelines, more customers seeking organized sourcing processes can be delivered. This is a great way for scaling business and at the same time the perfect formula for a higher time to value for the customers.


If you are interested in this package, kindly reach out to Stratesys directly. Should you have questions or need further information, please add a comment tot he blog and our authors will reply directly.


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