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SAP HANA is an in-memory database architecture. This architecture is the heart of the concept. Huge knowledge available about SAP HANA memory topic, but the knowledge is fragmented (Help Portal, Blog post, SAP KBA, SAP Note, other). In order to simply and make content consumption easier I have created a centralized page, a single source of the available information regarding SAP HANA memory.


Where to find documentations in SAP Help Portal?

Which is the master SAP Knowledge Base Article of the SAP HANA memory?


Concept of the SAP HANA memory structure

This is essential to understand the memory concept of the SAP HANA database system. The most used illustration explains how the memory structure looks like and which important areas are exists.


Image source: SAP Knowledge Base Article – 1999997 – FAQ: SAP HANA Memory

❗Rule of thumb: the recommendation from SAP is the tables data should not use more than 50 % of the available memory.


45. What is a good table memory share?
➡ 10. How can I judge if the available memory is sufficient for the current system and a projected future growth?

Which memory measurement values needs to be understand?

Below graph shows different memory measurement values on a time scale.


Image source: HA200 – SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 – Installation and Administration

Basic understanding and high level quick overview, about SAP HANA memory management explained in the SAP HANA Academy content.

Also a Former Member has a nice explanation about the topic:

Overview of these memory usage indicators can be checked in SAP HANA Studio.


HXE (Tenant DB):

❗Note: While we are checking the values, only the ‘Database Resident’ numbers are different. This number belongs to the actual database while other numbers are belongs to the overall system.

The related SAP HANA documentations:
  • 2081473 – SAP HANA Resident Memory: High Memory Usage
  • 3134933 – HANA database Resident memory is different from OS command “free -h”
  • 2743981 – Resident Memory and Used Memory for MDC system in HANA Studio Overview

How to limit SAP HANA memory consumption?

  • 3202692 – How to set Memory Limit for SQL Statements
  • 2383578 – How to set HANA memory limit for a single user
  • 2926166 – How to limit the overall SAP HANA memory allocation
  • 2175606 – HANA: How to set allocation limit for tenant databases
  • 2924720 – Is it possible to Limit maximum memory allocation of SYSTEMDB?

What is the general way to monitoring the SAP HANA memory usage?

  • 3058134 – Monitoring SAP HANA Memory usage statistics

What are the available tools for monitoring the SAP HANA memory usage?

The general way to do the monitoring is to use SQL commands.

  • 1969700 – SQL Statement Collection for SAP HANA

The actual memory information can be reviewed with the following SQL Statement: “HANA_Memory_Overview”.

The action can be done in a graphical way also.

SAP HANA Academy video explains the memory monitoring process via SAP HANA Cockpit.

Which SAP HANA Alert IDs belongs to the topic?

  • 1840954 – Alerts related to HANA memory consumption

What is the recommended way of troubleshooting the SAP HANA memory usage?

  • 3011480 – How-To : Troubleshooting SAP HANA Memory Consumption

❗Note: The following documentation describes the most typical and common scenarios users encounter during memory pressure situations. Memory related SAP HANA Alert IDs are also listed here.

What else is recommended to check in case of memory issue?

In general the parameters needs to be checked, also improper parameter setup cause memory issue in many case.

  • 2600030 – Parameter Recommendations in SAP HANA Environments

Which other documentation is important regarding SAP HANA memory?

  • 2222250 – FAQ: SAP HANA Workload Management
  • 1984422 – How-To: Analyzing SAP HANA Out-of-memory (OOM) Dumps
  • 2399990 – How-To: Analyzing ABAP Short Dumps in SAP HANA Environments
  • 1998599 – How-To: Analyzing high SAP HANA Memory Consumption due to Translation Tables
  • 2222718 – Troubleshooting HANA High Memory Consumption – Guided Answers

What blog posts can be helpful?

Other articles in this series:

✍ Collected information regarding partitioning in SAP HANA (with examples)

✍ Collected information about reclaim / shrink / defragmentation topic in context of SAP HANA persistence (with example)

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