SAP Signavio Ticket Operating Procedure and Priority (Under Construction)





We at SAP Signavio, define the priority of tickets as following:

Very High High Medium Low

Problem has very serious consequences for normal business processes or IT processes related to core business processes. Urgent work cannot be performed.

This is generally caused by the following circumstances:

  • A productive tenant is completely down.
  • The imminent system go-live can’t be completed.
  • The customer’s core business processes are seriously affected.
  • And for each circumstance a workaround is not available.

The problem requires immediate attention as it may result in significant financial losses

Normal business processes are seriously affected.

Necessary tasks cannot be performed.

This includes issues such as inability to access the system, inability to complete a go-live, and users’ complete data being inaccessible.


It is crucial to resolve the incident promptly as a prolonged malfunction could significantly disrupt the entire productivity of the business flow.

Normal business processes are affected


The problem is caused by incorrect or inoperable functions in the SAP Signavio system.

There is minimal impact on regular business operations.


The issue stems from faulty or non-functional features in the SAP Signavio platform that are either infrequently used or unnecessary on a daily basis.


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