Want to Know What’s New in SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori Elements? Check the What’s New Viewer!

Ever wanted to check out a feature in a what’s new in SAPUI5 but couldn’t for the life of you remember which version it was in? Well, we have good news for you!

Up to now, the main place to get your information for SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori elements has been the SAPUI5 Demo Kit – the central place for developers to learn about SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori elements. It’s the home of the developer documentation, our API reference, samples for UI controls, as well as various demo apps and tools.

In the Demo Kit, every new SAPUI5 version has its own what’s new page that shows everything that has been changed or introduced since the last version.

We have now added another channel to consume what’s new information: The What’s New Viewer. This is a standard SAP offering across all products that publish what’s new information. It allows you to see all the what’s new information on one single page with loads of filter options, such as the version, the type of change, or the valid-as-of date.

Let’s say you want to display all SAPUI5 controls that have been changed between SAPUI5 versions 1.107 and 1.110. Just select the corresponding filters:


Filter Options


And voilà:


Filtered Entries


And that’s it! Check out the other filter options to get to the result you’re looking for.

Oh, and if you still prefer to check the what’s new information within the Demo Kit: You can still do this. We will continue to publish the individual what’s new pages there. For consistency reasons, we have adapted the visual representation of the entries to the What’s New Viewer layout with similar filtering options. Just show the columns you want to see so that you can filter for entries on the what’s new page of the respective release:


SAPUI5 Demo Kit



We discovered a small glitch in the Demo Kit today: The what’s new entries for version 1.111 currently don’t show their corresponding titles. We’ll correct that with the next SAPUI5 version. In the meantime, you can choose Show/hide columns and select the Title column to make it visible.

For all our OpenUI5 users out there: There’s also an OpenUI5 version of the What’s New Viewer. See the link below. Check it out!

A big thank you to Tanya Kostadinova, Simona Rangelova, and Katja von Maydell for making this happen!

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