Learning SAP Build Apps from Basics: SAP Build Apps Sandbox

Do you have an internal demo planned for your team to learn SAP Build Apps?


You need to have an hands-on experience on SAP Build Apps without having to setup the environment from scratch?

Then you gotta read this blog till the end.

Try SAP Build Apps Sandbox

Now you can explore and try SAP Build Apps for a period of 30 days without any need to create and configure a BTP subaccount. Its as simple as creating a gmail account and shooting emails.

I have taken reference of this information from my colleague Joe Binkley’s post on SAP Community.

Feel free to join the SAP Build Apps community page.

Liberty to use Sandbox

The sandbox have been provided by keeping the interest of SAP users in mind. You being a user can utilize the sandbox primarily for learning and evaluation purposes ONLY. Kindly note, it should not be used in any productive or commercial manner.

Sandbox Restrictions

Let me not call it as a limitation but a few restrictions are application.

  1. This sandbox is limited to SAP Build Apps and does not provide access to BTP cockpit or SAP Build Process Automation, or SAP Build Work Zone.
  2. Kindly do not store any private or personal information in the sandbox or any application, which you create in the sandbox.

How to Sign-up and Get Started on using SAP Build Apps Sandbox?

Well, there is already a post written with screenshots to access it at this SAP Community page. Hence, I will just share the direct steps to follow:




  • You will now receive an activation email. Activate your account and that’s it, you are done. Now you can create your first project following this series of blogs written on Learning SAP Build Apps from Basics.


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