SAP Enable Now – Adoption Sessions 2023 (North America)

Enable Now – North American Adoption Sessions 2023

Please click on the links to register to each of the upcoming Enable Now adoption sessions for the North America time zones.  Previous sessions will have a link to the corresponding recordings and slide decks.

Date Time Session Registration Recording and Slides
02/22/2023 2pm CST SAP Enable Now Manager Configuration & Settings LINK
03/29/2023 1pm CST SAP Enable Now Roadmap 2023 LINK
04/19/2023 2pm CST Workarea Setup and Permissions LINK
05/23/2023 1pm CST Working in Producer and Producer Settings LINK
06/21/2023 2pm CST SAP Enable Now What’s New 2305 LINK
07/26/2023 11am CST Introduction to SAP Companion LINK
08/23/2023 2pm CST Connecting Standard and Extended content LINK
09/21/2023 1pm CST Editing in SAP Companion LINK
10/18/2023 2pm CST SAP Translation Hub and Signavio Integrations LINK
11/16/2023 2pm CST SAP Enable Now What’s New 2311 LINK
12/06/2023 2pm CST Enable Now Reporting LINK


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