SAP Showcases & Demo Booth at International Conference for Oil, Gas, Energy & Utilities

My Dear Customer and Colleagues,

To have a great start to the year, we welcome you to one of the best industry events, the International SAP Conference for Energy in Basel, on 18-20 April. It is a unique opportunity to connect with your industry peers and define your development plan with the newest technologies and trends of 2023.

You can attend different workshops or listen to other Customer stories or even interact with our partners on how their solution supports your transformation journey.

We have also arranged multiple showcases and demos for you to take a deep dive in SAP’s Oil, Gas & Energy latest solutions and decide on how the solution can support your business need. We are also excited to bring together SAP Industry experts from around the world to share experiences, ideas, and best practices.

Following is the list of some very insightful showcases & demos which you can experience during International SAP Conference.


  • E-Mobility – SAP E-Mobility solution can helps companies to operate electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures at scale to drive the transition to sustainable and convenient electric mobility. Here you can experience end-to-end management of charging scenarios, such as Charge@Home, Charge@Work, and Charge@Public and also looking into business scenarios for remote charge point operations, e-fleet management, 360-degree driver view, and technical charge point asset management.

  • Metaverse Immersive experience – You can experience the power of virtual reality to develop a digital twin that can duplicate the performance of an oilfield, refinery, or any other operational unit on a virtual platform and also with virtual reality headsets how the employees are piloted through lifelike tasks to develop skills and knowledge within their roles.

  • Lego for SAP Asset Intelligence Network – You can experience how SAP Asset Intelligence Network connect manufacturers, operators, and service providers of technical equipment, machinery and create a common collaboration platform.


  • Sustainability – Here Customers can experience how they can track, record, report, and act with SAP Sustainability solutions and achieve Net Zero.


  • Business Process Transformation using SAP Signavio – Customers will experience how they can leverage SAP Signavio to analyze and look into your business processes to remodel and automate them in order to deliver a highly optimized and automated business culture.

  • Shutdown Turnaround & Outage Solution – This solution jointly developed with WIPRO as our partner where you will see comprehensive and integrated STO management solution. Which addresses customer challenges as diverse as end-to-end STO processes, scope management, non-integrated planning, long lead items tracking, safety, scheduling, real-time effective reporting, control of costs, risks, procurement and user friendliness.


  • Digital Boardroom & Enterprise Analytics – Customers can view Digital Boardroom to transform their executive meetings. Replace static presentations and stale information with interactive discussions based on real data – allowing you to make fact-based decisions to drive your business. These dashboards fulfil the reporting requirements at all levels.

  • Field Logistics Management – In this demo Customers can see end to end process of how SAP field logistics solution helps to manage the movement of products required for maintenance operations between a supplying base and a remote location.


  • Predictive Maintenance using the BTP   – Customer can see the power of SAP BTP and how BTP and SAP Analytics Cloud is used to build predictive models for abnormal events based on sensor data and to provide the results through user-friendly dashboards and e-mail notifications.

This annual event is a unique opportunity to network, stay informed, and exchange ideas while learning more about the game-changing opportunities SAP offers in energy sector. Join us this year and get ready to reimagine the industry’s future while seeing precisely what SAP can do for you.

I am looking forward to hosting you and meeting you in person.


Ajay Sharma

Director Downstream

Industry Business Unit for Oil, Gas & Energy

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