SAP Community Call: Building AI and Sustainability Solutions with SAP BTP

There’s no doubt that sustainability has been a hot topic in recent years. For more and more CEOs, profitability is no longer the sole goal of a business, but also the sustainability goals that take planet and people into consideration. At SAP, we act now on sustainability with the goals of zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality by 2030. Beyond this, SAP has a vision to enable every customer to become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise with its technologies and solutions.

To achieve the ultimate goals of making profitability sustainable, and sustainability profitable, we need to put the sustainability dimension into strategy planning and operation end-to-end. And artificial intelligence plays a critical role in this journey too, helping the business to be more efficient and intelligent.

Available on SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad enable customers and partners to build custom AI scenarios and to embed them into business applications.

In this new SAP Community call, let’s realize the intelligent, sustainable enterprise vision by building an end-to-end scenario that combines AI and sustainability with SAP AI Core, SAP AI Launchpad and other components on SAP BTP.

Join this session with our experts Alice Magnani, Cesare Calabria and Mir Aliullhadi Hares on April 7.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Add it to your calendar here and watch the event on April 7 👇

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