Time and Attendance with SAP Digital Manufacturing’s Time Tracking

Boost productivity and efficiency by effectively tracking attendance and labor on the shop floor.


Time Tracking is a crucial component of any efficient manufacturing process. SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM) provides a robust and intuitive time tracking feature that enables you to record and monitor attendance and labor on the shop floor.

By implementing proper time tracking tools, businesses can experience numerous advantages, including more precise cost analysis and labor forecasting, productivity improvement, and enhanced operational capabilities.

In this blog post, we will watch a hands-on demo video and explore the capabilities of the Time Tracking feature in SAP DM, discuss their importance, advantages, benefits, and how to use, configure and customize it.

Demo Video

Time Tracking

The Time Tracking feature in SAP DM offers a wide range of benefits that directly impact your manufacturing operations. By accurately recording and monitoring attendance and labor, businesses can better allocate resources, reduce payroll errors, and minimize labor costs. This level of insight allows for improved decision-making, leading to increased productivity and efficiency on the shop floor.

The capabilities of SAP DM’s Time Tracking feature allow for more precise cost analysis and forecasting. By having detailed data on labor usage, businesses can better anticipate fluctuations in demand and adjust their workforce accordingly. This proactive approach helps minimize downtime, optimize resource utilization, and reduce the risk of overstaffing or understaffing.

Moreover, the Time Tracking feature fosters a culture of accountability, ensuring that operators are aware of their performance, leading to an engaged workforce, which in turn can drive higher levels of job satisfaction, employee retention, and overall operational effectiveness.

In addition, it simplifies compliance with labor regulations and standards by automating the recording and tracking of attendance and labor data, businesses can ensure that they remain in line with legal requirements.

Time Tracking feature in SAP Digital Manufacturing is a powerful tool that offers significant business value, from cost savings and improved productivity to enhanced compliance and employee engagement.

As we explore its capabilities, examples, and instructions in this blog post, you’ll discover how to unlock the full potential of this feature to drive success in your manufacturing operations.


SAP DM’s Time Tracking feature comprises of one app and six POD plugins that take care of the different aspects of the time tracking process.

The Manage Time Tracking app allows production supervisors to edit time records, while production operators can view the records they created.

Manage Time Tracking app

The Manage Time Tracking app offers several essential features, such as:

  • Production supervisors can edit the start and stop date and time of time records created by production operators assigned to them.
  • Production operators can view their time records and effective labor time.
  • Users can filter time records based on various criteria.


Manage Time Tracking

To access these features, production supervisors require the Production_Supervisor role, while production operators need the Production_Operator role.

POD Plugins

The Clock In, Clock Out, Labor On, Labor Off, Labor On with User ID, and Labor Off with User ID POD plugins are available for Action Buttons and are designed for production operators to manage their time and labor efficiently.

  • Clock In: Production operators use the plugin to clock in.
  • Clock Out: Production operators use the plugin to clock out.
  • Labor On: Production operators use the plugin to start tracking direct labor.
  • Labor Off: Production operators use the plugin to stop tracking direct labor.
  • Labor On with User ID: Production operators use the plugin to start tracking direct labor after they’ve entered their user ID.
  • Labor Off with User ID: Production operators use the plugin to stop tracking direct labor after they’ve entered their user ID.

Configuration and Customization

Time Tracking in SAP DM offers various settings to configure and options to customize the feature according to your business requirements.

For instance, in Manage Business Settings app, you can configure some specific Time Tracking behaviors and validations, such as:

  1. Stopping labor tracking when operators clock out.
  2. Allowing only clocked-in operators to track labor on SFCs.
  3. Preventing operators from tracking labor on multiple SFCs simultaneously.
  4. Disallowing multiple operators to track labor on the same SFC.
  5. Enabling or disabling Labor On/Off with User ID plugins.
  6. Permitting operators to track labor on inactive SFCs.


Manage Business Settings app

In addition, PODs can also be configured to display production operators currently tracking labor against SFCs.

To setup an Operation POD to display Operators tracking labor against SFCs, follow the steps below:

  1. Open POD Designer app from the SAP Digital Manufacturing launchpad.
  2. Select an Operation Activity POD to modify.
  3. Choose the Work List plugin and click on the Configuration Panel.
  4. Under List Name, choose Value Help to display available work list configurations.
  5. Select the work list configuration used in the POD and click on Show the List Details.
  6. Under Available Columns, select “Operators” column and move it from Available Columns to Assigned Columns.
  7. Save your changes.


Adding Operators column to Work List

Now, you will be able to see the column Operators on the POD Work List, displaying production operators tracking time on each SFC.


Operation POD with Time Tracking


The Time Tracking feature in SAP Digital Manufacturing provides a powerful tool for managing attendance and labor on the shop floor. By understanding its capabilities and leveraging its configuration and customization options, you can significantly boost productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing process.

Start exploring the Time Tracking feature today and unlock its full potential for your manufacturing processes!

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