Learn From Experts With our First Live Sessions on SAP Learning site

Attention, fellow explorers of SAP! We are excited to announce the launch of our first series of live sessions on SAP Learning site. 

The live sessions will be available for free as a pilot and provide you with the support to make the most out of your learning. Benefit from Q&A’s, demonstrations, and real-time support from instructors and fellow learners to maximize your SAP knowledge.

We are proudly presenting two types of live sessions to you, catering to each and everyone’s taste: With our Q&A live sessions you can attend scheduled sessions with instructors to answer questions arising from your self-study.  

With our expert deep dive live sessions, you can explore more complex topics that go beyond the self-paced digital learning content you already mastered. 

Curious? Then here is a sneak peek at the very first live session topics that are available to you from now on, coming with various timeslots to suit your calendar.  

You can also access and register to these live sessions via our dedicated product overview pages on SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Build, and SAP BTP. But don’t worry, if you’re already in the middle of learning with our learning journey on SAP Analytics Cloud, our learning journey on building side-by-side-extensions with SAP BTP, or our beginner learning journey on composing and automating with SAP Build, you can also access the live sessions directly through there.  

Register now for your favorite live session, get in touch with seasoned SAP experts and prepare for your next career high. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there! 

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