Some Tips and tricks best practices for SAP-BI/HANA ECC-Part 5

In this blog, I will discuss with you some tips I have applied when I face several issue in


A. How to move object from repair to development while doing a transport : 

1.Some time when we migrate refresh  from another landscape means quality to dev or prod to dev the existing object as moved from higher environment when you try to modify something it will show warning like of “Emergency Change required” and all the object go to the repair task node inside TR.




2. First you have to remove the object from repair and move into the development node. Go to se03 —-> Display Repair Object –>



3. Change the package and owner from the object directory and assign your id.

4. go to SE1O and remove the object from repair tack and activate the object again.

5. The object will now be put into a development task.


A. Convert decimal date format  to Normal ABAP dictionary DATS (8) : 

It iis very useful while extraction data from ECC.


    DATA : D1 TYPE sy-datum,
           NL(15) TYPE N .


          MOVE NL+1(4) TO D1+0(4).

          MOVE NL+5(2) TO D1+4(2).

          MOVE NL+7(2) TO D1+6(2).

     RESULT = D1.


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