Machine Learning Cockpit – training with openSAP course MLC1

If you want to learn How to Use the Machine Learning Cockpit with SAP Business ByDesign to create, train, and implement predictive scenarios end-to-end, get ready for openSAP course registration.

Course objectives:

  • Consistent and thorough understanding of MLC
  • Insights how to make the best out of MLC
  • Understanding of key machine learning concepts
  • Confidence in implementation of own use cases, end-to-end

Taking the course will required 4-5 hours of effort and topics are spanned across 14 Units

  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Machine learning essentials
  3. Using data sources
  4. Configuration and authorization
  5. Scenario – Creating a scenario
  6. Scenario – Data preprocessing settings
  7. Scenario – Training settings
  8. Model – Creating a model
  9. Model – Field selection and null removal
  10. Model – Outlier removal and training settings
  11. Model – Training results and lifecycle management
  12. Prediction creation
  13. Prediction consumption
  14. Prediction results in embedded components


Registration Date will be published soon, so stay tuned!

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