SAP Stammtisch Chennai – 29th April 2023


SAP Stammtisch Chennai

Hello SAP Community,

It was really happy to be post this blogs and sharing experiences with you all.

As per though from Sindhu Gangadharan (Post | LinkedIn) we started with SAP Stammtisch Chennai by 29th April 2023.This meeting would help us to plan for SAP Inside track 2023 ahead.

We were kick started with SAP tech meeting in Chennai with name of SAP Stammtisch Chennai.


Stammtisch Chennai Participants

we are setting foot print in Chennai with high expectation for SAP Inside track 2023. It was really great experiences to connect with new SAP folks and hearing from others.

Below are the some random topics,  which we were talked about,

  • Smart factory and Industry 4.0
    • Talked about how we connecting machineries with SAP systems and How it will help to  business to increase productivity and cost savings
    • Also How it helps to business to reduce breakdown of machines
  • CIP/BTP and other cloud solutions
    • How it will help to business to plan their integration with external system.
    • Mobiles application studios.
    • Also talked about evolving of various coding  languages
  • Process automation
    • List of automation products in markets
    • How it helps to business to reduce the manual efforts and avoiding human error
    • How Change management will give positive impact to business

Thanks to below participants for helping me in all the way to make this event more successful.

Balamurugan Jaipraakaash Kiran K P Dwarakesh RS BARATH S Atiya ParveenAsif Habib

We hope everyone enjoyed the event and look forward to seeing you at our next one that is SAP Inside track 2023.

Thanks to Svea Becker  for helping us creating Chennai community page (SAP Stammtisch Chennai April 2023 – SAP Community Groups)

Please share your experiences here too.




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