SAP Academic Community Conference in Yerevan (Armenia)

On April 25-26, 2023 SAP University Alliances organised an Academic Community Conference in Yerevan (Armenia).

Key topics of the ACC have been:

  • Highlights from SAP UA-COM (March 2023, Walldorf)
  • New free Learning Journeys at SAP Learning portal (LSC)
  • Updates of Student Zone at LSC
  • Focus on SAP Build LCNC technology and relevant Learning Journeys, SAP Cloud learning portfolio supported by UCC Magdeburg
  • Introduction of SAP Digital Skills program and possibilities for Armenia

Major Events during ACC in Yerevan included:

  • Workshop with Children of Armenia Fund COAF (citizen development and young thinkers) and SAP Armenia MD on Snap, SAP Digital skills for students and citizens of Armenia rural areas, collaboration on COAF Smart Centers extension program
  • Meeting with TUMO Labs (SAP Innovation Challenges) and presentation for the students and faculties on SAP UA programs and SAP Digital Skills
  • Workshop with Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE) and SAP Armenia MD for faculties and representatives of SAP clients and partners from ACBA Bank and Revytech for further alignment of SAP edu programs with SAP clients and partners needs (certifications, hiring, innovation)

Next steps:

  • Launch of SAP Digital Skills program as an Armenian pilot with COAF, TUMO Labs, ASUE and SAP clients and partners in Armenia to focus on certifications aligned with job opportunities
  • Launch of UCC-supported curricula on S/4HANA and SAP Cloud solutions at ASUE
  • Launch of 3rd round of SAP Innovation Challenges at TUMO Labs with SAP ICN
  • Preparation of the SAP Innovation Tour to SAP ICN Potsdam for SAP Armenia and SAP Italy Academic Communities (Fall 2023)

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