SAP Document and Reporting Compliance: How to Easily Browse the SAP Help Portal Pages for Inbound Nota Fiscal

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If you use the SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, inbound invoicing option for Brazil, you are used to browsing our SAP Help Portal pages. We designed this blog post to guide and simplify your documentation experience.

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When you are getting started with the inbound invoicing option, we recommend you visit this page first: This page explains the service and what is relevant to the communication between the Brazil tax authority (SEFAZ) and the SAP system that you use.

You’ll find information about what the service is, its available features and the latest updates. From here you can easily navigate to our development, security, reference, and troubleshooting sections.


Screenshot of the introduction page for SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, inbound invoicing option for Brazil on the SAP Help Portal.

On the page, What Is Inbound Nota Fiscal, you can find an overview of the service. Then, in the following pages you can find the required steps to get start with the service, for example how to create your subaccount in SAP Business Technology Platform and proceed with configurations for inbound nota fiscal.


Screenshot of the What Is Inbound Nota Fiscal page on the SAP Help Portal.

On the Integration page, you can find the details to integrate your system with inbound invoicing option for Brazil. By following these steps, you can integrate the SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA systems with the service.  

Are you looking for more information about the inbound invoicing option for Brazil? 

For specific content about processes in the eDocument Cockpit monitor, system screens and an overview of customizing, check the following resources: 


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