S/4HANA Cloud Communication Management Configuration

Introduction: This document describes about how to set up communication management in S/4HANA cloud which is a prerequisite S/4HANA APIs.

Let’s setup or configure Communication User/System/Arrangement in S/4HANA cloud to access SAP S/4HANA Cloud APIs.

Follow the steps to setup the Communication Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Note: For communication management setup, one should have “Integration Configuration” access in S/4HANA cloud.

Create Communication User

  • Login to S/4HANA cloud system and click on Maintain Communication Users tile under Communication Management.
  • Click on new to create a new user(Figure1)Figure 1


  • Enter any username as per your naming convention, give some description.
  • For basic auth, Set the password by manual entry or you can use propose password option(Figure 2).Figure 2


  • If you want to use client certificate-based authentication then just upload public certificate provided by client and save, password is not required.(Figure 3)Figure 3


Create Communication System

  • Login to S/4HANA cloud system and click on Communication Systems tile under Communication Management
  • Click on new to create a new Communication System.(Figure 4)Figure 4


  • Enter System name and ID(Figure 5)Figure 5


  • Enter the hostname of other system where S/4HANA will send and receive messages, if this system will only send message to S/4HANA and it won’t receive any message from S/4HANA then select inbound only.
  • Select inbound user which was created in previous step.(Figure 6)Figure 6


  • Add outbound user of target system( not required if Inbound only selected)
  • Following authentication methods can be used for outbound communication(Figure 7)Figure 7

Create Communication Arrangement

Go to https://api.sap.com and search the correct API for your integration, check the API details and communication scenario for that API.

For example, if you want to integrate Business Partner between S/4 HANA and any SAP or Non-SAP system then communication scenario is SAP_COM_0008

Now let’s configure communication arrangement for scenario SAP_COM_0008.

  • Login to S/4 HANA cloud system then click on Communication Arrangement tile under Communication Management
  • Click on new to create a new communication arrangement.(Figure 8)Figure 8


  • Give name as per your naming convention rule.(Figure 9)Figure 9


  •  Select Communication System, inbound and Outbound User(Figure 10)
  •  Inbound and outbound user can be selected based on the user added in communication system
    Figure 10


  • Outbound service base URL will be populated automatically based on hostname is configured in Communication System.
  • Uncheck outbound API calls those are not required, check it for required outbound API call and give the resource path.(Figure 11)Figure 11


  • Save it and now your communication arrangement is ready to use in integration.
  • Here you will get all APIs links those are available under scenario  SAP_COM_0008      (Figure 12)Figure 12


  • Above APIs can be accessed from any system with credentials we have created while creating communication User.
  • Lets call Business Partner API from postman.(Figure 13)Figure 13


Conclusion: After reading this blog, you have learnt that how to configure communication management in S/4HANA cloud to enable APIs


Thanks for reading this blog.

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