Cache cleanup in SAP BTP HTML5 Applications

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In this blog I’m going to explain how to fix one of the common errors when deploying a new version of a SAPUI5 application in a SAP BTP / SAP Cloud Platform environment


When trying to open an application in the SAP Cloud Platform (or Portal) the following error is shown:


Error caption

If the console log is opened (Press F12 button of the browser), the following errors appears:

  • “Error: resource undefined could not be loaded from /sap/bc/lrep/content/…/manifest.appdescr”

  • “Failed to load UI5 component for navigation intent #<intent> … “


This error happens after uploading a new version of the HTML5 application through SAP BTP Cockpit and setting it as an active version.

The application is trying to retrieve source files corresponding to the new version, but the application cache has the reference to the previous version. At this time the error appears.


  1. Access SAP BTP Cockpit. On the left menu, click on the ‘Services’ menu, and search for ‘Cloud Portal Service’. Click over the item:
  2. Then, go to the ‘Take Action’ section and click on ‘Go to service’:
  3. Now, SAP Cloud Portal Service will be shown. On the left menu, click on ‘Site Directory’. All your available sites will be shown. Put your mouse over the desired site and click on ‘Edit’. A new tab will be open.
  4. Now, on the left side navigation menu, click on ‘Settings’: Open%20settings%20of%20the%20site
  5. Now, on the top right side of the page. click on the ‘World’ icon: Icon%20to%20publish%20the%20site
  6. Check the box for clear caché and click ‘Publish’ button: Publish%20and%20clear%20cache

Now your new version will be published and cache will be cleared. The error must have disappeared.


Additional case

If your app has been published before and you only want to clear the cache, please go to the bottom right of the ‘Settings’ page and click on actions. The clear cache option will be shown:Only%20clear%20cache%20without%20publishing%20a%20new%20version

Only clear cache without publishing a new version





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