SAP Sponsors Columbia Capstone Project on Trust

Since 2021, the Chief Trust Office has teamed up with the Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs with the aim of identifying and developing early talent in the cybersecurity sector.

This year, the Chief Trust Office collaborated with a group of students by supporting a research capstone project on the topic of quantifying trust and developing trustworthy technologies. As a part of the capstone, students had the chance to interview experts from the Chief Trust Office, SAP Global Security, and beyond. The semester-long research culminated in a final presentation at SAP Hudson Yards with representatives from the Chief Trust Office and a final written deliverable now available for distribution.

By participating in projects like Capstone, the Chief Trust Office aims to equip students with problem solving skills and a foundation they can launch their professional careers with. It was a very exciting project and I was so pleased to be apart of it. The final report by the Columbia students can be viewed here.

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